No. However, Wade will walk you through the design process, starting with helping you choose a designer or architect who will be suited to your build.

Yes.  Frontline Builders has built implement sheds, hay sheds, cow sheds and even all-weather horse arenas.  While we don't erect wire fences such as 7 or 8 wire fences for stock, we do all other kinds of fences such as post and rail, concrete, iron, timber or any other combination of products you can imagine.  If you are looking for sheep proof fences for example, we would love to organise and oversee this project for you. 

A Project Manager oversees the entire project.  This includes organising the sub-contractors such as electricians and plasterers, quantifying and ordering all materials, liaising between Territorial Authorities and designers or architects when design changes are required and ensuring clear communication with the home owner at all times.  

Where different tradespersons are required, yes, you should have a Project Manager.  Either the designer or architect will project manage your job in liaison with the builder, or the builder can do the project management.  Wade would love to project manage your build, as he thrives on the challenge of ensuring a build has a continuous flow from start to finish.

We do not design kitchens or literally construct them as a kitchen designer completes these tasks.  However, there is a lot of work prior, during and post kitchen installation which Frontline Builders will undertake.  The existing kitchen will be removed, wiring and plumbing will be re-routed to suit the new kitchen layout and the surrounding areas will be re-Gibbed, stopped and painted before the kitchen designer organises the kitchen installation.

Insurances and guarantees can be complicated, so we'll try and explain.

Home owners need to organise contract works insurance for building work that is an addition, extension or alteration to an existing structure.  However, we will organise contract works insurance for new builds.

We are also accredited builders with Builtin Insurance and can offer home owners a 10 year building warranty through HomeFirst Guarantee.  Premiums are paid by the home owner, but protections are much greater than those available due to The Building Act and Consumer Guarantees Act.  Visit for more information.

If your brother's friend is a licensed electrician, then yes, they can absolutely do your electrical work.  Wade has all his own sub-contractors ready to set to work on your project, but if you have friends or family members who can complete areas of your project, just talk to Wade as he is happy to help you save where you can.